MOSS9, Medical FLOSS seminar No 9

Sat, 11 Oct 2014 13:00 - 18:00

Kyoto research park No 9, 5F, Room 506

Awata-cho 91, Chudoji, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City

岡垣篤彦 日高 浩敦 上野智明 Manabu Ito 岸田伸幸 皆川 和史 田中久淳 兒山幸平 たけおか (Shozo Takeoka) Tsukasa Hasegawa Michio Nagashima 星野雅昭 吉田 悟 小林慎治 + 17 more participants

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¥4,000 at the door
Seminar and party(for student only)
¥2,000 at the door
Registration will be closed when the attendee reach the limit. You may urge to reseve your accommodation and travel, because it will be in the high season of Kyoto


Opening speech(Shinji KOBAYASHI, Kyoto university)

GNU Health (GNU Solidario, Luis Falcon)

SCC Toolkit makes PC to medical devices and collaboration between medicine and engineering (Kiyoyuki CHINZEI, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)

Coffee break

The next framework for ORCA development(Shugo MAEDA, Network Applied Communication Laboratory)

Open data and geographical information system( Kazuto AOKI, Aoki GIS laboratory, Ritsumei University)

Utilizing GIS software for rescue planning to severe disaster(Atsuhiko OKAGAKI, Osaka medical center)

Development of OpenDolphinToGO and current state(Hiroo HANABUSA, San-iku kai Shinjuku Hiro Clinic)

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Medical Open Source Software Council in Japan

Medical Open Source Software Council in Japan

This is a community to talk about Free/Libre/Open source software on medical domain.

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